Pedal Pops to Take Richmond by Force

Pedal Pops are an exciting, new gourmet popsicle ready to hit the streets of Richmond in full force this spring. The idea behind Pedal Pops began when Frank Bucalo (creator of Quickness RVA) and Sara Williamson met at a local event in April of 2012. Their shared interest in utilizing fresh, local and organic ingredients along with their participation in Richmond’s growing bike community laid the foundation for the creation of these delicious yet easily transportable frozen treats.

Raspberry Lime, one of Sara's favorite pops.

Raspberry Lime, one of Sara’s favorite pops.

Sold from the cooler of a bike cart, these pops align with the creators’ active lifestyles and help appeal to the Richmond consumer’s growing shift towards healthy alternatives. “Organic and natural foods are really catching on and becoming more of a standard in people’s expectations of what they want to spend their money on. So I think that the popsicles appeal to a wide range of people because, in a way, you can look at it like having a piece of fruit but in popsicle form,” says Williamson.

The Horchata popsicles takes on its Latin inspiration.

The Horchata popsicle is a take on its Latin inspiration.

And the creators of Pedal Pops do value what they add into their treats, acquiring ingredients locally from venues such as the Chesterfield Berry Farm and Richmond’s very own farmer’s markets. They even add fresh herbs from their own gardens such as basil, mint and lavender. What’s great about the popsicles themselves is they allow the creators to express their culinary creativity, with flavors ranging from Coconut Chai or Arnold Palmer to fruitier ones like Raspberry Lime and Mango Chili. “Last year we did a Beet Rhubarb which turned out really beautiful because of the color of the beet,” Williamson says. Always being inspired by the culinary world around them, they give their customers a diverse array of flavors and are always experimenting to find the next big hit to add to their delectable confections.

The Mango Chili Lime heats things up before it cools you down.

The Mango Chili Lime heats things up before it cools you down.

The convenience of their bike cart allows them the ability to visit the city’s most exciting events yet the flexibility to move around if needed. The Pedal Pops crew plans on having routine routes through many of Richmond’s neighborhoods but also plan on making an appearance at local happenings such as farmer’s markets, food truck courts, and even Richmond’s own Folk Festival where the two first filmed their KickStarter campaign.

Cantalope Kiwi shows of its bits of delicious kiwi.

Cante Kiwi shows off its bits of fresh fruit.

In hopes to raise enough money to purchase a larger cargo bike, a business and vending license, and a freezer and kitchen rental, Pedal Pops took their idea to the increasingly popular KickStarter website in order to raise awareness and call on the generosity and kindness of their ever-loyal supporters. And they have had quite the response, with only $557 to go until they meet their $1,500 goal and with only 16 days left, it’s up to you to spread the word!

Pedal Pups: the first canine customer enjoys a well-deserved, refreshing treat.

Pedal Pups: the first canine customer enjoys a well-deserved, refreshing treat.

Show your support for Pedal Pops RVA by liking them on Facebook, following them on Twitter, and of course, sharing their story with family and friends.


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